Well I'm about at the end of my vacation.  Its so nice to escape the pizza world for a while.  It'd be even nicer to escape forever, but whatever.
I have had a great time.  Baby boy has been down to the beach a few times...and oh how he squeals when he sees the waves.  He loved the wet sand and splashing in the little tide pools.  We had our 1st two injuries on this trip too.  A cut across his thumb and a burn (or blister, not sure) on his index finger.  I know how the cut happened but we are still stumped by that horrible blister.  We discovered an awesome playground, but the heat has kept us from going as often as I would have liked.  Its a pirate playground and I am a sucker for pirates!  Its been nice spending time with hubby's family since they live so far from us and getting to see his (and now my) nieces.  Such sweet girls, 6 & 4.  And they are obsessed with their new baby cousin, my little Mega Mind.  Who possibly needs a new nickname cuz his head isn't looking so big anymore, even though I don't think its shrunk!
Also hubby celebrated a birthday this weekend (in paradise, even).  Happy Birthday, Hubs!
Tomorrow my uncle who lives in the general vacation area is driving down for a quick visit.  So I'll get to see my family, too.  An uncle and 4 cousins and a trip to the museum and beach.  Sounds like a pretty good Friday.
Well time to wrap up and maybe squeeze in some more beach time tonight!
I saw alligators tonight!  Its been a dream of mine.  Now I need to touch them, though.  But it was nice to be that close.
No sims this week.  Its been all about family and baby.  And its been great.

Laters, gators!
Well, I haven't even made it to the 2nd era yet and I've already knocked out the 4 eldest males in the Emperor family (the Fu family)...Fu made it to 71 years old and died of old age while a fire burned in the kitchen.  That fire then claimed the lives of PlantSim Uelmy & Ermy (Fu's oldest son & his mate), and Uelmy's two eldest sons (Essn & PlantSim Ery)...leaving Ma (Fu's 70 year old mate) and Uelmy and Ermy's remaining children (Uatha, twins Eani & Eashi, Otaie, and newborn Mosl)...Mosl is the only surviving male Fu in the household...Fu & Ma still have two sons who live on another lot.