Pleasantview is booming as of late.  I've been trying to periodically age the neighborhood with my family (probably the only feature of Sims 3 that I liked)

The Goth's - Mortimer married Dina Caliente and they had a daughter (Prudence) before Morty's death.  Cassandra married Don Lothario and they had a daughter (Isabel) at about the same time Prudence was born.  Don and Cassandra divorced and Cassandra married Darren Dreamer.  Alexander is still a bachelor and Dina is nearly an elder.  Prudence is a teenage mother after having James Johnson's daughter (Gina).  Living in the Goth home now is widow Dina, bachelor Alexander, teenage Prudence, and toddler Gina.

The Brokes - Brandi Broke gave birth to twin sons (Lenny & Lester) shortly after the death of her husband Skip.  She then proceeded to have baby after baby until she finally married Sheldon Hanby.  She and Sheldon had a son (Sheldon Jr) and then Brandi had more children with the Hanby last name but none of the Hanby genes (Lilly & Gil).  Dustin married Angela Pleasant and they live in the Pleasant house with their brood.  Beau married ? and they have twins (Brandi & Skip).  Lenny married Carmen Patch and they have a son (?).  Lester married Brandi LeTourneau and they have a son (LeTourneau).  Sheldon Jr married CAS Bristol Prime and they have a daughter (Shelly)

The Pleasants - Mary-Sue was accidently eaten by the Henkell family's cow plant allowing Daniel to marry the Alexa Henkell.  Daniel and Alexa had a son (Geoffrey) before Daniel died of old age.  Angela married Dustin Broke and they have about 8 kids (Skipper, Champagne, twins Betty & Bob, Herb, Whiskey, etc).  Lillith married Benjamin Long and moved in with her Aunt Jennifer Burb's family.

The Burbs - John and Jennifer Burb had two more children (Lionel and Les).  Their daughter Lucy married Joe Carr and they are expecting their 1st child.  John and Jennifer's niece Lillith Pleasant and her husband Benjamin Long moved in with their twin daughters (Gillian & Hillary)

The Dreamers - Darren Dreamer married divorcee Cassandra Goth Lothario, taking in her daughter Isabel Lothario.  Darren and Cassandra had several children together (?).  Dirk married Kylie Henkell and they have a set of twins (Ricki & Richard)

The Johnsons - John Johnson is the ex-husband of Ella Henkell and father of her 1st three children (JJ, Jack, James).  After Ella kicked him out and remarried, John remarried also.  John and Kaylynn Langerak have 10 children together (Asayla, Brantlee, Caitlyn, Desiree, twins Endra & Edward, Farrah, twins Garren & Garrett, and Henna)

The Henkells - Ella Henkell married twice and has 5 children (John Jr Johnson, Jack Johnson, James Johnson, Kate Tellerman, Kieran Tellerman), Kylie married Dirk Dreamer and they have twins (Ricki & Richard Dreamer), Adam Jr married Marisa and they have twins (Adam III Henkell & Ada Henkell) and Alexa was widowed by Daniel Pleasant and they had a son (Geoffrey Pleasant) the next generation, James Johnson has a bastard daughter (Gina Goth) with Prudence Goth and John Jr is married to a single mother (Isla Prime)
Basically, one day I just decided I had too many sims and so I couldn't really care that much about them.  They just became a bunch of names that didn't really matter.  So I started a much smaller challenge.  I really needed a small challenge since I have even less time then I did before now.  I have just started college and am actually at school right now in the library updating my sims website.  How crazy is that?  Really, though, I am doing it on this computer because my laptop seems to hate Weebly and I can't get it to save any changes I make here when I'm home.

My new challenge is fun because it isn't just your run of the mill legacy challenge, it changes every generation.
My 1st generation had to live by certain rules and the 2nd and 3rd and so on get different rules.  And since it isn't a population explosion, I get to really know each sim and actually care for them and help them complete goals.  The RKC and such is mostly about having babies within class groups and trying to have everyone so closely related that you almost can't marry anymore, but not quite.

So I am on the 3rd generation of the Random Legacy Challenge.  And I'm starting to lose interest again, but only because my bloodline got very black-haired very quickly and I am bored of the lack of diversity.  My founding sims had a male (Adam) with red hair and a female (Eva) with black hair, so of course their only child (Skye) had black hair.  All 4 of Skye's kids (Ella, Kylie, AJ, Alexa) had black hair.  And my heir, Ella, so far has 3 sons - all with black hair.  Ella has 2 generations of red-headed men in her (both her father Daniel Pleasant and her grandfather Adam) and I made her marry a red head (John Johnson), but those dark-haired genes are STRONG!  I have now kicked John to the curb and married Ella to another red head (Komei Tellerman) and only time will tell if their children will futher infuriate me.