The 1st grandsimmy has arrived.  Gila Reptiles had a relationship with my sister's Apocalypse sim Sol Terrano that resulted in a daughter.  Star Reptiles was thankfully born with white skin, not her father's green skin.  I don't think I could have kept her if she had been green.  Sol also knocked up Gila's sister, Boa, but Boa died in a kitchen fire before giving birth.

My 1st generations are starting to age to elder.  The Mammals and the Birds are already elders.  The Reptiles and the Insects are close.  None of the children are adults yet, but I have the Teen-intimater so my teens are having adult-style relationships, woo-hoo, and even babies already.  Star is the only 3rd generation birth, so far though.

Okay, I am no longer messing around in Pleasantview.  I was mad that my sims were all carbon copies of each other so now I am in Strangetown and I'm on another challenge.  I may go back to Pleasantview, I may not.

So I've played this Strangetown challenge before.  Its kinda the Test of Time Challenge.  I have decided to start each family off as a clan instead of a traditional family.  I rolled a dice to compile each clan.
The mammals have 2 men and 4 women.
The birds have 1 man and 1 woman.
The insects have 3 men (Ant, Wasp, Mosquito) and 2 women (Bee & Moth).
The reptiles have 7 women and 1 man.

The reptile clan is growing the fastest since 7 women can be pregnant and produce a child or twins every 3 days.  Turtle Reptile has fathered 14 children already and he has 7 more on the way.  Turtle Reptile even kidnapped one of the Mammal women bringing his female count up to 8 now.  The Birds are the smallest clan with only 4 children right.

I have to go to class.  Bye