Alright.  I just went crazy on New Years Day and uninstalled the Sims 2 (bye-bye Test of Time Challenge and all my simmies) and bought and installed Sims 3!!

Been having graphics card issues since then.  My laptop apparently can't really run Sims 3 unless its on the lowest settings.  But it took 2 corrupted game files to figure that out.  So I am on my 3rd Sims 3 challenge now.

I tried the Perfect Genetics/The Clan challenge 1st.  Where you make a guy with very distinct skin and hair coloring and you have him marry and have children until he has a perfect heir.  Do this for 10 generations.  Its pretty hard.  It took 8 children and two wives to get my perfect heir.  My heir had given birth to one non-heir child before the game file was corrupted.  The End.

I tried the Alien Rainbow Challenge next.  You have a Cassanova type also with unique skin coloring.  He or She is supposed to have 10 children with random lovers.  Once the 10 children are getting to adult or young adult stage, you create a new CAS male (or female, whichever gender you started with) with another unique skin tone (different from the 1st) and that man breeds with the daughters of the previous alien.  All the while I suppose the sons of previous alien are just living their lives and spreading those colorful genes randomly with normal story progression enabled.  After 10 children are born of the newer alien and the daughters, you create another differently colored alien man  to breed with the new daughters.  The aliens only breed with the daughters of the alien unions (no townies after the 1st alien) and a new color alien each time until you've run out of colors and must start repeating.  The challenge ends when their are no daughters (or sons if you started with a female alien) born of the 10 allowed children.  I began my challenge with a pink alien named Jesse Pinkman (named for character from Breaking Bad).  He accidently had 13 children cuz he just knocked them all up at the relatively same time so the 3 sets of twins put him over the 10 children allowance.  His replacement alien was Leaf Greene who had 10 children including triplets.  The 3rd alien was River Sky, who never bred cuz I lost that neighborhood file.

Now I am on the Legacy Challenge.  And have experienced the most disappointment I can ever remember with a sim. My beautiful young daughter became unexpectedly pregnant during her teen years.  I left her house to check on the progress of all of her moved out older brothers and just watched in horror as the notifications about her started flowing.  My family is Starry Drem and her husband Land Gwydd.  They have 4 children: Lywlynn, Brendyn, Wyndym, and Gwendolyn.  Brendyn's imaginary friend is also kind of their child and is currently engaged to Gwendolyn.  Each child has one kid right now.  The grandkids are Starry Brooke Gwydd-Drem, Laury Gwydd-Drem, Isaac Lang Drem-Sargent, and Geoffrey Gwydd-Drem.
In my last sim-related post my 1st emperor was still a very young man.

The Imperial Family:  Now Mosl Fufidius is approaching his elder years and his wife, Empress Eaugha (formerly Lady Eaugha Erminio) is no longer able to bear children.  Mosl and his queen have 6 kids: an heir and only son (Prince Nereos) & 5 daughters (Princesses Kininia, Tiaycia, Essolia, Nyisia, and Vorylia).  Mosl and Eaugha have 1 grandchild (Lord Tycho Ermino) through their eldest daughter, Kininia.
Mosl's uncles (Princes Esamu & Traic) have passed on and passed on their genes with their living offspring totaled being (twins Leelaos & Lemoos Imesaugo, Prince Divios, Princess Nalinia, Princess Denylia, Prince Niwios, twins Aesse & Aesty Bonafacio, Princess Aldolia, Princess Hinynia, and twin Princesses Tanelia & Tinysia)

The Patrician Family:  The current head of the Patrician Erminio family is Lord Quivios Erminio (son of Lord Eusky Erminio & Princess Eani Fufidius).  Quivios is married to Emperor Mosl's eldest child, Princess Kininia, and they have a newborn son.
Quivios' relatively young uncles (Lord Kelyos & Lord Unteous) are just now starting their families.  Kelyos is married for a 2nd time and expecting his 1st child.  Unteous has yet to marry but is engaged to a young princess.

The Plebian Family:  The head of the Plebian Ovidius family is Lyeasia (only child of Erodu & Yari).  Lyeasia is newly married to her much older uncle (Yers Ovidius) and they have just welcomed a son.
Lyeasia's other uncles (Yaleo & Yingi) are both elders and are starting to have grandchildren pop up.

The Slaves:  The heads of the slave families are as follows...
Darrd Ugo and his heir is his eldest son Minios who currently has only a daughter Kalliope Ugo...
Ineonia Bonafacio and her heir is her eldest son Tykeos...
Entheoyos Servius and his heir is his eldest son Engios...
Well, I haven't even made it to the 2nd era yet and I've already knocked out the 4 eldest males in the Emperor family (the Fu family)...Fu made it to 71 years old and died of old age while a fire burned in the kitchen.  That fire then claimed the lives of PlantSim Uelmy & Ermy (Fu's oldest son & his mate), and Uelmy's two eldest sons (Essn & PlantSim Ery)...leaving Ma (Fu's 70 year old mate) and Uelmy and Ermy's remaining children (Uatha, twins Eani & Eashi, Otaie, and newborn Mosl)...Mosl is the only surviving male Fu in the household...Fu & Ma still have two sons who live on another lot.
Sorry its been so long.

Who am I talking too?  No one reads this!

I got another PlantSim...Yay!  So excited.  Ma Fu turned into a PlantSim in her golden years.  I spawned her a daughter (Maych Fu) and then turned her back.  I am not letting elders be PlantSims.  I don't know why, but I'm not!  Also I got some more PlantDaddies from ModTheSims2.  So I was so excited to see what Maych looked like because she would have a different PlantDaddy then Yleri's two boys (Yaleo & Yishi), they have Ideal PlantSim as their PlantDaddy.  Maych had black hair and skin 4.  Which was fine cuz I had one skin 4 boy left that didn't have a mate.  So Maych has married Oo-Oo Ugg.  I am still having trouble breeding skin 2 & 3 kids.  My inbetween skin sims (the Oworos) both have children, but they aren't making inbetween babies.  They are making skin 4s.  Yleri has two daughters with Oo-Oo Ugg and they both have skin 4.  Her Plantbabies are skin 2 but they are brothers.  I need Erodu to make a skin 2 or skin 3 kid for them to mate with.  Erodu has a son, I think, with Adduh Ugg.  But his son, Adlth has skin 4, too.  So still working on getting some more mixier kids.  Maych and Oo-Oo might make a mixed baby, cuz she has skin 1 genes from her mom.  Heres to hoping.

Also I have a couple Generation 3 teens.  Finally.  Almost Roman time!!

Also Fuma Fu died.  I don't know if I've already addresses that.  Her mate, Erman, has now taken Fuma's little sister Ishyi as a bride.  Also after Fuma's death, her daughter was taken by the social worker.  Thats the 1st and only (so far) Generation 3 kid that I've lost.
My 1st couple created for the challenge (Ugg & Duh) aged into elders.  I was so proud but also didn't really believe that any real neanderthals made it to 65.  Ugg and his eldest son, Ungers, died in the craziest fire that night.  Probably about a 7x7 square of their yard just burst into flames gobbling up Ungers.  I knew he couldn't be saved and anyone who tried would also be claimed by the flames so I told everyone to run inside (except Lala who was passed out in the cave).  But I was unable to save Ugg, who was standing 1 square from the conflagration.  So Duh was now a widow with a pregnant teenage daughter-in-law and a young granddaughter.  Lala gave birth the next day (of course to a daughter because of the dead parent rule) and we call the baby Uraye.  I figured that the next oldest son, Daimer, would usually inherit the woman so I moved him back in (the move-in money really didn't affect the game - he brought $7).  A Ceremony of Ownership was performed and now he and Lala are expecting a child.

I've had several generation 3 births now, 10 or maybe 11.  Even a plantbaby, Yaleo Oworo.  I don't really know what to do with Yaleo.  He will be an adult in 3 days but hes going to be the age of the generation 2 kids.  Should he be put on a lot and not interacted with or allow him to canoodle with the gen 2 kids?  Mod the Sims is down right now or I'd go look at the rules but I'm sure that plantsims were addressed.  I've decided to spawn a plantbaby every Monday.  I would like to download some sort of multiple ideal plantsims though for some variety and so they aren't all siblings.  Even though right now they are gonna be anyway because they will all have the same mommy, Yleri Oworo (my only plantsim).

Okay, gotta clean and cook while the baby is out with daddy.  No excuses to not accomplish real world tasks right now!
elders, Duh & Ugg
the fire that claimed Ugg and Ungers
Yleri Oworo and her son, Yaleo
Last time I posted I was having an issue about what to do with my skin 2 kids (Hari & Tassh - sole survivors of the mixed skin Har family).  Well, they have gone the way of their parents and sister Cayna - FIRE!  As teenagers, both Hari & Tassh died in a cave fire.  Hari's bed burst into flames and Tassh paid the ultimate price trying to save him.  But I had decided what to do with them since I didn't have anyone to pair them with.

I'll start with the skin 1 families.  The Fu family has 4 living children (a daughter Fuma, and 3 boys Uelmy, Esamu, & Traic).  The Mo family died without any children making that line extinct.  So I created a new skin 1 family - a brother and sister (Erman & Ermy).  I have paired the only Fu daughter with the only Erm son (Fuma & Erman are married).  I then paired the oldest Fu son with the only Erm daughter (Uelmy & Ermy are married).  That leaves me with 2 unattached skin 1 boys (Esamu & Traic Fu).
Now the skin 4 families.  The Ugg family has 5 living children (2 daughters Unga & Adduh and 3 boys Ungers, Daimer, & Oo-Oo).  The Bo family consists of orphaned brother and sister (Bodba & Lala).  So I paired the oldest Ugg daughter with the only Bo son (Unga & Bodba are married).  Then I paired the oldest Ugg son with the only Bo daughter (Ungers & Lala are married).  That leaves me with 2 unattached skin 4 boys (Daimer & Oo-Oo Ugg) and 1 unattached skin 4 girl (Adduh Ugg).
Okay, then the skin 2 & 3 family.  The Har family had 3 children before mom, dad, and their middle child were killed in a fire.  That left an orphaned son and daughter.  But they died in another fire so afterward.  That makes the Har family extinct.  I created a new mixed skin family that consists of a boy and a girl (Erodu & Yleri Oworo).  I am not going to marry either of them to anyone.  But I am going to allow them to breed.  Erodu will mate with Adduh Ugg (who will also mate with Bodba Bo).  If the children are born with skin 2 or 3, then they will live with Erodu and take him name.  If they are born with skin 4 they will live with Adduh or Bodba (I haven't decided where Adduh will be living yet).  Yleri also will mate with the unattached males of skin 1 and skin 4.  Same rules apply.  Her children's living situation and class will be determined by their skin color.  If the child has her skin tone, I won't even bother investigating its parentage.  It is unimportant and I have silent pregnancy, so I won't know until morning sickness or the 1st pop.

I think this will be fun, but crazy to keep up with.  Also the Oworo family has the added hardship (besides raising children without mates) of living on the Har lot with 5 fire ghosts!
Well if you look at my summary of events page, you'll see how badly I'm doing.
I was having this feeling that it would be weird and inaccurate to have elder neanderthals running around - but Grimmy is quickly alleviating that problem.  Of my original 10 sims (5 paired couples), I have 4 left (2 couples).  1st I lost a skin 1 couple (Mo & Bah) while Bah was still pregnant with their 1st child.  Then I lost a skin 4 couple (Bo & Ba).  Bo died leaving Ba with little Bodba and heavily pregnant.  She acutally went into labor just as the Reaper left the lot.  Of course she died (pregnant with skin 4 Ugg's baby) when Bodba was a child and Lala was a toddler.  Then just this morning, my mixed skin couple (Har & Ca) died but their daughter (Cayna) did too.  So child Hari and infant Tassh were carted away.

I cheated cuz I couldn't stand that I only have 2 families left.  So the removed children are living with placeholders now.  Bodba still remembers his parents, but Lala doesn't so they aren't recognized as siblings anymore.  To avoid the same problem with the Har children, I had my placeholder adopt both of them.  The placeholders are not going to play with the children and avoid most interactions so the kids aren't too attached to them.  Cuz as soon as the oldest ones (the boys) are teens, the placeholders are gone.

My remaining couples are Ugg & Duh who have 5 children (twins Unga & Ungers, Daimer, Adduh, and Oo-Oo) and Fu & Ma who have 3 children (Fuma, Uelmy, and Esamu)

Two more sim weeks until elderhood!  Yay!