Well if you look at my summary of events page, you'll see how badly I'm doing.
I was having this feeling that it would be weird and inaccurate to have elder neanderthals running around - but Grimmy is quickly alleviating that problem.  Of my original 10 sims (5 paired couples), I have 4 left (2 couples).  1st I lost a skin 1 couple (Mo & Bah) while Bah was still pregnant with their 1st child.  Then I lost a skin 4 couple (Bo & Ba).  Bo died leaving Ba with little Bodba and heavily pregnant.  She acutally went into labor just as the Reaper left the lot.  Of course she died (pregnant with skin 4 Ugg's baby) when Bodba was a child and Lala was a toddler.  Then just this morning, my mixed skin couple (Har & Ca) died but their daughter (Cayna) did too.  So child Hari and infant Tassh were carted away.

I cheated cuz I couldn't stand that I only have 2 families left.  So the removed children are living with placeholders now.  Bodba still remembers his parents, but Lala doesn't so they aren't recognized as siblings anymore.  To avoid the same problem with the Har children, I had my placeholder adopt both of them.  The placeholders are not going to play with the children and avoid most interactions so the kids aren't too attached to them.  Cuz as soon as the oldest ones (the boys) are teens, the placeholders are gone.

My remaining couples are Ugg & Duh who have 5 children (twins Unga & Ungers, Daimer, Adduh, and Oo-Oo) and Fu & Ma who have 3 children (Fuma, Uelmy, and Esamu)

Two more sim weeks until elderhood!  Yay!
5/30/2012 10:31:54 am

good one info dude


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