I think I've figured out how I'm going to pair off the 2nd gen kids.  I'm not going to!  I have a full family (5 kids with another on the way and no signs of slowing down that baby-making machine) for the Ugg family (skin 4).  The other skin 4 has two children with no possibility for anymore.  That really limited the pairing abilities there.  So I'm just gonna move Lala Bo onto the Ugg lot and have her 'belong' to all the Ugg boys, and move my Ugg daughters (so far Unga & Adduh) onto the Bo lot and have them 'belong' to Bodba Bo.  Same thing will go for my skin 1 couples.  The Fu family has 3 children and are still producing, while my other skin 1's (Mo & Bah) died without children.  So I've make a CAS brother/sister pair and will have the same set up.  All the Fu girls will move onto the new guy's lot and be his women and the Fu boys will have to share the new girl.  The only thing I haven't figured out is where to put my orphaned mixed kids.  They have the lighter skin tone (daddy was a skin 3, mommy a skin 2).  Let me sleep on it.

Unga and Ungers will be teens in a few moments.  Gotta go.  Can't wait!
7/12/2012 07:41:01 am

Thank you for details

9/30/2012 01:34:19 pm

Nice one info, thx


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