Alright, I freaked out again.  And this time uninstalled the Sims 3 and reinstalled the Sims 2.  I am never going back!
I have started the Royal Kingdom Challenge (entirely from memory).  I currently have 6 families.
1st is the Royal couple, King Alric & Queen Anne Bronin.  They had 6 children before the Queen died in childbed.  Only 4 of the children reached adulthood (Princess Anne, Princess Orella "Ella", Prince Albert, and Prince Magnus)
2nd is the noble Cromwell family, Earl Zachary & Lady Arabella.  They had 6 children also before Lady Arabella died in childbed.  4 of their children reached adulthood (Lady Constance, Lord Viktor, Lord Hektor, and Lady Clarissa)
3rd is the noble Danneville family, Earl Walter & Lady Sarah.  They had 9 children before Lady Sarah died in childbed.  6 of their children reached adulthood (Lady Godiva, Lord Ragnar, Lord Archibold, twins Lord Hagan & Lord Henry, and Lady Floria)
4th is the peasant Brown family, John & Margaret.  John and Margaret are farmers who welcomed only one child before Margaret died in childbed. John married another Margaret, Margaret Joynes.  They had a daughter also named Margaret.  He married again to Carolyn "Caryl" Zarubin.  They had no living children and Caryl died giving birth.  John then married Trista Shaw.  They currently have 1 child a son named Saul.  This means John has 3 living children: Solomon, Margaret, and Saul.
5th is the peasant Smith family, Aiden & Catherine.  Aiden and Catherine are also farmers who had 2 daughters (Christiana & Adela) together before Catherine's death.  Aiden then married Jane who gave him 4 healthy daughters (Alis, Elaisse, Lynne, and Kinna) before her death.  By this time Aiden's eldest daughter Christiana had reached sexual maturity and was carrying her father's child.  Aiden married young Christiana and they welcomed another daughter (Catherine).  Christiana died giving birth to her 4th child (Catherine is the only who survived infancy).  Aiden then seized the opportunity to marry is next eldest daughter Adela who was already heavily pregnant with a bastard child whose paternity was unknown.  Adela died in childbirth along with her baby daughter.  Aiden is now an elder and barred from marrying a childbearing woman.  He has 3 surviving children (Elaisse, Lynne, and Catherine)
6th is the peasant Strong family, Joseph & Lia.  Joseph and Lia are farmers who welcomed only one child before Lia died in childbirth.  Joseph then married ?  She died before baring any living children.  Joseph then married his 1st wife's cousin, Mary.  Joseph and Mary had twins, Malice & Mary, who took their mother's life at birth.

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