Alright.  I just went crazy on New Years Day and uninstalled the Sims 2 (bye-bye Test of Time Challenge and all my simmies) and bought and installed Sims 3!!

Been having graphics card issues since then.  My laptop apparently can't really run Sims 3 unless its on the lowest settings.  But it took 2 corrupted game files to figure that out.  So I am on my 3rd Sims 3 challenge now.

I tried the Perfect Genetics/The Clan challenge 1st.  Where you make a guy with very distinct skin and hair coloring and you have him marry and have children until he has a perfect heir.  Do this for 10 generations.  Its pretty hard.  It took 8 children and two wives to get my perfect heir.  My heir had given birth to one non-heir child before the game file was corrupted.  The End.

I tried the Alien Rainbow Challenge next.  You have a Cassanova type also with unique skin coloring.  He or She is supposed to have 10 children with random lovers.  Once the 10 children are getting to adult or young adult stage, you create a new CAS male (or female, whichever gender you started with) with another unique skin tone (different from the 1st) and that man breeds with the daughters of the previous alien.  All the while I suppose the sons of previous alien are just living their lives and spreading those colorful genes randomly with normal story progression enabled.  After 10 children are born of the newer alien and the daughters, you create another differently colored alien man  to breed with the new daughters.  The aliens only breed with the daughters of the alien unions (no townies after the 1st alien) and a new color alien each time until you've run out of colors and must start repeating.  The challenge ends when their are no daughters (or sons if you started with a female alien) born of the 10 allowed children.  I began my challenge with a pink alien named Jesse Pinkman (named for character from Breaking Bad).  He accidently had 13 children cuz he just knocked them all up at the relatively same time so the 3 sets of twins put him over the 10 children allowance.  His replacement alien was Leaf Greene who had 10 children including triplets.  The 3rd alien was River Sky, who never bred cuz I lost that neighborhood file.

Now I am on the Legacy Challenge.  And have experienced the most disappointment I can ever remember with a sim. My beautiful young daughter became unexpectedly pregnant during her teen years.  I left her house to check on the progress of all of her moved out older brothers and just watched in horror as the notifications about her started flowing.  My family is Starry Drem and her husband Land Gwydd.  They have 4 children: Lywlynn, Brendyn, Wyndym, and Gwendolyn.  Brendyn's imaginary friend is also kind of their child and is currently engaged to Gwendolyn.  Each child has one kid right now.  The grandkids are Starry Brooke Gwydd-Drem, Laury Gwydd-Drem, Isaac Lang Drem-Sargent, and Geoffrey Gwydd-Drem.

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