Okay, I am no longer messing around in Pleasantview.  I was mad that my sims were all carbon copies of each other so now I am in Strangetown and I'm on another challenge.  I may go back to Pleasantview, I may not.

So I've played this Strangetown challenge before.  Its kinda the Test of Time Challenge.  I have decided to start each family off as a clan instead of a traditional family.  I rolled a dice to compile each clan.
The mammals have 2 men and 4 women.
The birds have 1 man and 1 woman.
The insects have 3 men (Ant, Wasp, Mosquito) and 2 women (Bee & Moth).
The reptiles have 7 women and 1 man.

The reptile clan is growing the fastest since 7 women can be pregnant and produce a child or twins every 3 days.  Turtle Reptile has fathered 14 children already and he has 7 more on the way.  Turtle Reptile even kidnapped one of the Mammal women bringing his female count up to 8 now.  The Birds are the smallest clan with only 4 children right.

I have to go to class.  Bye

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